Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between your Canvas Prints and other ones?

We print on natural cotton canvas using latex printing inks and with devices of completely different class. Prices are reasonable, and when it comes about quality and durability differences are huge between us and other sellers, who print on solvent, latex and pigment plotters and artificial materials only looking like canvas.

What is latex printing all about?

Latex Printing is the latest and unique solution from HP that by using water-based latex inks allows for absolutely odorless and environmentally friendly printing.

Are Canvas Prints protected against fading with a protective coating or any other way?

Yes. Your Canvas Print comes coated in an invisible liquid laminate ART Verniks for enhanced UV protection and to guard against scuffs and scrapes. Laminate does not emit any smells.

What is the difference between cotton canvas and other canvases?

Cotton canvas is 100% natural. This canvas is designed for digital printing applications using HP latex ink sets. The material is dedicated to printing images, reproductions, graphics, etc. Deep, saturated colors give the productions touches of elegance and aesthetics. Other sellers canvases are synthetic materials based on polyester or polyester mixed with cotton. Canvas structure is artificially obtained. It is easy to distinguish them.

How long does delivery time?

If you make a purchase through our website ( delivery takes from 7 working days up to ten. If you make a purchase at online stores Ebay and Traffic Attic delivery time is determined individually and is located in the product description. Delivery time is different for every each auction.

How much do I have to pay for a delivery?

The cost of delivery within the Republic of Ireland is 3.99, regardless of the amount you made the purchase. The cost of delivery to other countries is determined individually. Please contact us before you buy.

How can I pay for my purchase?

After purchase you will receive information on how you can make a payment. Every time you can make a deposit at the post office or bank on the amount for which you made the purchase. You can also pay for your purchases by electronic payments that accept debit and credit cards (paypal included).